Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Do you Consider Yourself an Entrepreneur?

The online dictionaries describe an entrepreneur as “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money” or “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur start out with a customer problem and find or develop a product that solves it. Entrepreneurs are those who identify a need and fill it.
Here are some qualities of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs step into their power through the choices they are drawn to make. They are values driven and have learned to think differently. Entrepreneurs act as spark plugs, activating and stimulating economic activity. Some qualities of entrepreneurs stand out, especially that they:
  • risk-takers and rule breakers
  • have an unquenchable desire, lifelong learners
  • passionate, energetic and creative
  • are obsessed with goal setting and setting outcomes
  • able to encompass both excitement and fear simultaneously
  • can handle uncertainty
  • are decisive, highly self-motivated and self possessed
  • bounce back from adversity, resilient and flexible
  • identify and service unmet needs
  • create value through solutions
  • initiate change, are innovators
  • take advantage of change
  • value self-reliance and self-awareness
  • strive for excellence
  • know the value of mentorship/masterminds
  • are highly optimistic, have a winning attitude
  • deeply interested and care for others, have great people skills
  • genuinely interested in developing sincere, long lasting relationships
  • desire to inspire others
  • do what is right and meaningful, are ethical, have high integrity
  • are big picture thinkers and future driven
  • see problems as opportunities
  • creatively identify the solutions to problems
  • want to make a difference
With persistence and determination, they create businesses or opportunities that make a difference for themselves and others. Look at the most dynamic societies in the world and you’ll find the ones that have the most entrepreneurs.
There is a unique expression within you that is meant to contribute to the world. When we act on our uniqueness and on what we have learned, we become natural entrepreneurs, and are expressing our gifts to this planet. We are leaving our legacy. Are you ready to step up and bring your gifts to light?
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To your success.

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