Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Body Cleanse, Detoxify Your Body This Spring!

Spring is here and it’s a time of birth, growth and renewal. What is happening in nature is symbolic of what is happening in your own body. When your body is following the natural rhythm of the seasons. it wants to purge and cleanse itself of all the fat buildup and toxins it accumulated throughout the winter, so that you will you have more energy. When you look at health from an Oriental Medicine Five Element perspective you will see liver energy is dominant in spring. When you are in touch with the seasonal changes, spring is a great time to do a spring body cleanse.
Your liver is your main organ for detoxification. The largest and one of the most important internal organs, the liver must function for us to live. It is responsible for over 500 jobs, and it is the main organ associated with stress. Signs that your liver energy is congested include: unexplainable fatigue, depression, irritability or anger, mood swings, feeling overwhelmed by stress, PMS or hormonal imbalance, headaches, allergies, skin breakouts, nausea or vomiting, bloating, gas and sluggish digestion. 
If your liver becomes overly congested with toxins, as often happens with our modern lifestyle, then it is important to do a spring body cleanse.
I invite you to join me in a spring body cleanse. It is quite easy to do while still working and only takes 7 days. You do have to prepare for it, but once you have all the produce and supplements, then it is quite straightforward. These are some of the benefits: It helps your body detoxify naturally, supports healthy digestion, helps jump-start weight loss, helps increase focus and energy, helps with hunger management, and helps improve sleep quality.
During the cleanse, in addition to taking my regular supplements, I will be including products that specifically support cleansing the body. These are: OptiFlora® probiotic which provides support for digestive health by delivering live healthy bacteria to the lower intestine; DTX® Complex which contains milk thistle and helps increase your liver’s ability to clean and detoxify your blood; Alfalfa Complex which acts as a blood cleanser; and Herb-Lax® which helps provide gentle relief for occasional periods of irregularity and cleanses the colon.
Here’s an overview of what the spring body cleanse looks like: For seven days, be prepared to eat raw veggies and fruit all day. Pack veggies and fruit for convenience when you are out. You can eat every 2 hours. Drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of water each day. In the evening, eat a salad with half an avocado and full-fat dressing.
During the week you get unlimited fresh veggies – raw, lightly steamed, or sautéed in 1–2 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil. You can also eat some low-sugar fruit and 1-2 servings of specified protein. It is all laid out in a program which I can send to you. Everything you can eat and what to avoid.
Spring Body Cleanse
So, if you are feeling stressed, feeling low in energy, or having digestive challenges, this is an excellent time for a cleanse.
I would love to support you while we do the spring body cleanse together. I have set up a private Facebook group for extra support. Contact me to learn how we all can feel healthier in 7 days.

To your good health,

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